Nebula is a certified intelligent lighting control systems provider across multiple industries. Our vision is to optimally manage lighting systems and energy distribution for maximum productivity and minimal energy utilization.

Nebula Controls Solutions


Greenhouse Homepage

Greenhouse Lighting

Nebula provides a retrofit intelligent lighting control system for HPS and LED grow lights. Nebula's grow light control system focuses on increasing crop productivity, maximizing energy efficiency and providing the grower a granular level of control.

Commercial Homepage

Commercial Lighting

Nebula's control system provides wireless lighting solutions for commercial facilities like retail stores, office spaces, schools, hospitals, etc.

Nebula uses a certified intelligence platform to understand human traffic patterns using Nebula's sensor network. Nebula's lighting control system then makes decisions based on this information and shares the human traffic pattern with the end user for added benefits.


Industrial Homepage

Industrial  Lighting

Nebula provides a wireless lighting control system for warehouse, manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Nebula's system enables the end user to have zonal and sectional control over the lights within the facility.

Nebula's sensor network understands how the facility is being used and operated and optimizes the lighting systems based on the requirements to maximize energy savings.




Find out how to gain more value and reduce operating costs through Nebula's lighting control system.