Nebula aims for energy saving success across various industries such as green housing, retail stores, warehouse manufactures and other commercial operations. The following page displays the benefits of installing Nebula's lighting control system within these industries. Find the industry best suited for you and see why Nebula is the right choice.



Maximize Crop Growth...

Traditional smart lighting controllers focus towards controlling LED grow lights which may not work as well when it comes to growing crops such as tomatoes. Without efficient controls for HPS lights, growers cannot optimize growth and energy utilization. However with Nebula's intelligent lighting controls system, the artificial intelligence can adapt to HPS lighting and can ensure flexibility, growth optimization and will make sure that maximum energy and efficiency are reached.

Reduced Maintenance Cost and Downtime...

Nebula helps growers reduce maintenance cost by predicting the lifetime of the fixtures and alerts the operator before a light fixture fails. This allows growers to plan their replacement strategy and minimize their downtime. Nebula moves towards replacing traditional, expensive and prone to failure lighting panels with contact relays.

Optimize Growth Based on Weather Prediction...

Crop growth can be optimized based on predicting weather conditions and fine-tuning light level delivery. These optimizations can be custom tailored for every facility and type of crop.


Consumer Pattern Recognition...

Nebula sensor systems in addition to real-time lighting, output optimization to increase energy savings. It captures the data from the motion sensors and performs consumer traffic analysis to increase sales. Nebula's control system uses artificial intelligence to predict peak times on the grid. You can be advised beforehand about potentially expensive time and can take action to minimize your costs by reducing your power draw.

Data Analytics

With this data analytics the following information is possible:

-Human traffic mapping system for real-time information on facility usage
-Real-time optimization of the lighting systems.
-Consumer pattern recognition on the usage of the facility
-Historical consumer behavior analysis
-Added layer of security to detect human presence.

With insight on the number of people shopping, retailers can create effective marketing and operational decisions and understand related impact. It becomes beneficial towards making informed business decisions.


Customizable Zonal Control...

Lights can be grouped together in zones depending on the application and the independence of the electrical wiring within the facility (This cannot be done with HPS lights currently).

Having a customized zonal control over a mass lighting facility all within a single device can become very beneficial to the progress of a business in terms of productivity, budget expenses, and energy efficiency.

Increased Flexibility in Lighting Layout...

Nebula's control system is a distributed control system that allows operators to address each light individually and as groups or as zones. These zones are no longer tied to electrical wiring layouts but can be reprogrammed on the fly by the operators themselves. This allows for optimal light distribution, individual control of lights or a customized group of lights. All in all allowing for flexibility.




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